Things You Should Know Before Having Sex In A Car

Sex in the car seems like a practice for teenagers. However, it is a practice that both kids and adults usually do.

Studies have found that ‘having sex in the car’ is one of the most popular sexual fantasies . And what I can tell you based on my experiences, is that it is not as father as it seems, nor as romantic as they paint it in the movies.

But if you still want to try it, I recommend you prepare.

In the car you can only make a ‘quickie’

Let’s say the car does not provide enough comfort, nor security , to enjoy HOURS of wild sex. In the car you can only do a ‘quickie’, no more. Unless you have a large truck and can take apart some seats, you won’t have enough space to enjoy sex.

You have 2 options in terms of places

Unless you think it would be fun to do it on the car (not inside), your options are limited to 2 places: in the front or back seats.

If they are going to do it in front, you will have to recline the seats a bit and pay attention to the position of your legs. I recommend using the cowboy to get more out of it.

If you want to do it back, you can go to bed a little more. Of course, there is always the option of only giving oral or manual sex, because if we talk about penetration, the car is not the ideal place to provide comfort. In fact, they could hit the climax a couple of times and get attention.

Leg cramps are almost inevitable

No position will allow you to stretch your legs completely . So sex in the car is synonymous with cramping. I recommend you stretch BEFORE doing it in the car, your legs will thank you.

Open the windows a little

Did you see Titanic? Do you remember the car scene? If the heat gets trapped in the car (and it will be hot), the steamy windows will give them away . And it really costs them NOTHING to open the windows a little, as long as they choose the right place.

Leather seats are not the best

Let’s say friction with a carpet is NOTHING compared to the contact between sweaty skin and the leather seats of your car. Not only could it be a bit painful, but it won’t allow them to keep up a good pace. What they can do is use a blanket or towel to avoid this small and painful problem.

Choose a safe place to park

I really recommend a private and well hidden place … ideally at night. Why? Well, besides someone could see them, having sex in a public place is against the law.

Although the laws differ in different places, there would be nothing father that a policeman was the person who interrupted his activities. It is really not worth taking such a risk, if you can take proper precautions.

Do not trust the radio

If you want to put a good atmosphere, DO NOT trust the radio to play romantic music all the time. Remember that radio can play ridiculous or commercial songs. Don’t let these environment changes distract you and ruin your orgasm.

It may not be as fun as you thought

When you’re a kid, EVERYTHING is new and fun. And I don’t want to make you believe that having sex in a car is a waste of your time, but if you like to be comfortable and safe when having relationships … this practice may not be the best option.